Supply List and Links

There are so many mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, and music books. Here are a few of my favorites that we regularly use in the studio!


Clarinet for Beginners Vol. 1 – This book will get your your young clarinetist started!

Clarinet for Beginners Vol. 2 – A really great follow up to developing fabulous musicianship!

Melodious & Progressive Studies – For the high schooler, this book covers so many musical keys, and builds on phrasing and musicality.

Tone, Technique, & Staccato – An outstanding book to develop rock solid technique for the high school student.

Rose 32 Etudes – This book will prep your clarinetist for college!


Rico Royal Reeds – Good, consistent reeds. Easy to play on for beginners.

Vandoren Traditional Reeds – These reeds can be a little hard, but will help fill out your sound.

Vandoren V12 Reeds – A thicker reed which really helps stabilize the altissimo register.

Legere European Cut Reeds – One reed will last about as long as a whole box! These reeds are also super consistent and require zero reed work. Once you find your proper strength you are good to go!


Vandoren M15 Mouthpiece – A close mouthpiece, lots of ring and projection. Takes harder reeds.

Vandoren B40 Lyre Mouthpiece – An open mouthpiece, takes softer reeds, but has a wonderful tone and ease of articulation.

Vandoren Black Diamond BD5 Mouthpiece – A gorgeous sounding mouthpiece. Medium tip opening, takes about a 3 or 3.5 reed.

Vandoren 5RV Lyre Mouthpiece – A nice middle-of-the-road mouthpiece. Very reed friendly.


Rovner Ligature – Virtually indestructible.

Bonade Ligature – An inverted ligature with screws on top, rather than on the reed. Helps with vibration.

D’addario H Ligature – Also inverted, comes gold plated as well!

Mouthpiece Cushions

Vandoren Mouthpiece Cushions – Protect the top of your mouthpiece with a cushion!

Silverstein Omnipatch – A deluxe mouthpiece cushion with teeth-grooves.